Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, Lavonna Wenzel, Clerk of the City of Milan, County of Washtenaw, County of Monroe, and State of Michigan to all residents of the City of Milan:  that all persons protesting their assessment must complete petitions prior to appearing before the Board.  A personal appearance is not required.  All petitions must be received in the Assessor’s office by March 19th, 2024, before 9:00pm, postmark will not be accepted.

Petition to the March Board of Review

The Board of Review will be held in the Milan City Hall, at 147 Wabash Street.  Entry into the building can be accessed through the front doors of City Hall. Please come prepared, as a (10) minute limit before the Board will be strictly adhered to.

The tentative ratios and the estimated multipliers for each class of real property and personal property for 2024 are as follows:
2024 Ratios

The following is the schedule for March Board of Review:

Tuesday, March 5th, 2024
Organizational Meeting - 12:00n
(No Appointments)

 Tuesday, March 12th, 2024
Hearings from 9:00am – 12:00n; 1:00pm – 4:00pm

 Tuesday, March 19th, 2024
Hearings from 1:00pm – 9:00pm

         If you have any questions regarding the March Board of Review, you may contact
Dan Currie, Assessor at (734) 439-0580.

Upcoming 2024 Board of Review Dates:

July Board of Review
Tuesday, July 16, 2024
11:00 AM

December Board of Review

Tuesday, December 10, 2024
11:00 AM

City of Milan Board of Review Members

Lisa Garcia
Term Ends 12/31/2025

Fred Wertz
Term Ends 12/31/2026
Matt Barbour-Keir
Term Ends 12/31/2024
Dutch Nie

Term Ends 12/31/2025