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Milan Veterans Wall

Veterans Wall

Panel Key

Donald Adams, USAF, Vietnam E29
Stanley N Agner, USN, WWII A24
Carl Agner, USA, WWII C12
Geraldine Murray Agner, USA, 1950 E30
Kenneth E Aiston, USN, WWII A24
Perry J Akers, USN, WWII A24
Richard W Alexander, USAF, WWII/Vietnam A25
Clarence Alford, USN, WWII E28
Louis L Allstetter, USA, WWII C4
Erik N Anderson, USMC/USA, Iraq E9
John H Anderson, USA/USAF, 1956-79 D10
Roger L Anthony, USAF, 1961-65 B6
Raymond L Anthony, USN, 1984-91 B10
James C Armstrong, USA, KIA WWII A22
Paul Atkinson, USN, 1958-61 A11
Russell Harold Auten, USAAC, WWII C16
Marshall Auten, USAF, WWII C18
William J Auten Sr, USAF, 1951-53 F20
James H Ayres, USA/USN, WWI/WWII A23
Stanley A Baisch, USA, WWII B21
LaVon J Ball, USA, WWII B16
Gaza Balog, USA, WWII E27
Joseph Banar, USA, WWII E27
Terry Richard Bancroft, USN, 1984-90 A28
Howard E Barrett, USN, WWII A23
Joseph Barry, USA, WWII E28
Alfred Bassett, USAF, Korea A31
Eli G Bassitt, USA, WWII A23
Donald J Beehler, USA, 1955-57 E2
Wesley Bell, USA, WWII E26
William Belt, USA, WWII E27
Eugene B Benjamin, USN, WWI F6
Harlan J Benjamin, USAF, 1954-66 D13
Oscar O Berkley, USN, WWI F5
Rollo Berkley, USA, WWI E27
James Berkley, USMC, 1957-60 E29
Howard B Berry, USA, WWI A21
Dawn A Berry, USAF, Gulf C26
Charles R Betts, USN, WWII F3
Albert Betts, USA, WWII E27
Harold Betz, USA, 1963-65 A29
John Bies, USN, WWII C34
Edgar F Birchmeier, USAAC, WWII A10
Calvin J Birchmeier, USN, WWII A24
Nelson Bird, KIA WWII F27
Emmett Bissell, USA, WWII E28
Robert Blackburn, USA, WWII E26
Charles D Blackmer, USA, WWII F6
Donald L Blake, USAF, 1947-57 B17
Nicholas Andrew Bleau, USMC, Iraq/Afghan E10
Dean G Bodley, USN, 1944-46 A22
Richard J Bolog, USA, Korea B30
Charles T Bolog, USAF, 1966-70 B30
Andrew E Bolog, USA, WWI F6
Stanton Bordine, USN, 1951-54 C31
Burton (Toby) Bordine, USA, 1955-57 C31
Miles Bordine, USA, WWI D17
John Borso, USA, WWII C35
Steve Borso Jr, USA, WWII C35
Max J Bortles, USA, 1941-45 B14
Leon Bortles, USA, 1941-45 B14
Greg Bortles, USAF, Vietnam B26
Leslie Byron Botkin Jr, USA, Korea A22
Harvey J Boudrie Jr, USA, Korea A21
Gary Bourdeau, USA/USN, 1963-06 A11
Theodore P Box, USMC, Vietnam B26
Gerald C Brainard, USN, WWII B3
John (Jack) Brainard, USMC, 1956-58 E30
Donald R Brainard, USN F34
Ford Brainard, USMC, WWII F34
Stanley C Braman, USAF, WWII D14
Jack W Braun, USN, 1960-67 F25
Sammie L Brewer, USA, WWII F3
LeRoy A Briggs, USN, WWII D13
Gary L Brink, USCG, 1966-76 E15
James L Briscoe, USN, 1977-84 E1
James D Brittendall, USA, 1966-68 E16
Kenneth J Brown, USA, 1969-71 A30
Paul E Brown, USA, WWII A30
Robert Brown, USA, WWII E26
Edward Brown, USA, WWII E26
Michael Joseph Brown, USN, 1992- F35
Arvid W Brown Sr, USA, WWII F32
Roland Dale Bruckner, USN, WWII E4
James Michael Bryan, USN, KIA Vietnam A32
Edward Buganies, KIA WWII F28
John Buggy, USAF, 1956-60 A26
Earl Savory Burbank, USA, WWII B1
Henry F Burger, USN, 1960-1966 A5
Henry B Burger, USA, 1944-46 A6
Dennis R Burke MD, USA, Korea C5
Gordon L Burlingame, USA, 1959-62 F33
John Burns, USA, WWII E26
Roderick E Bush, USMM, WWII D5
Jack D Butler, USA, WWII A29
Clayton H Butler, USA, WWI F5
Max Buxton, USN, Korea C2
Rev Leroy Cabbage, USA, WWI A21
Daniel J Caldwell, USN, 1977-79 D3
Merl P Call, USA, WWII C13
Joseph L Campau, USA, WWII F4
Dan Campbell, USA, Vietnam D4
Ambrose Canedo, USA
Donald L Canine, USA, WWII A20
Thomas D Carbeck, USAF, Vietnam A20
Richard Henry Carbeck, USAAC, WWII A20
Delmar Carr, USA, 1959-62 B20
Ronald D Carroll, USA, 1958-59 E13
James L Carver, USAF, 1953-57 B27
Peter D Casper, USN, 1978-83 F20
Donald Casterline, USA, WWII E25
Dawn Castle, USAF, Gulf D9
Clara Clark Chadwick, USN, WWII A1
Robert Harris Chapin, USMC, WWII D1
Norman Harris Chapin, USA, Vietnam D1
Robert Jeffery Chapin, USA, Vietnam D1
John David Chapin, USA, Vietnam D2
Joseph Daniel Chapin, USMC, 1977-84 D2
Robert Harris Chapin II, USA, 2007- D2
Robert Check, KIA WWII F28
Dr Edward J Ciesielski, USN, WWII A19
Jesse Cignetti, USA, WWII A19
William D Clark, USN, WWII A1
Stephen D Clark, USA, Vietnam A2
Floyd Thomas Clark, USAF, WWII F4
William B Clark, USAAC, WWII F34
Herbert A Clark Jr, USA, WWII C19
George Jay Cline, USA, Korea F1
George Cline, USA, WWI E25
Francis "Wayne" Collar, USA, WWII A18
Charles Eli Collins, USA, Korea E1
Harold A Collins, USA, WWII A18
Jerry L Collins, USA, Korea F6
Jerry Collins, USA, Korea E28
Stanley Colsell, USA, 1944-46 A18
Jeffrey S Colson, USA, Iraq C2
Roger Colthorp, USA, 1967-68 B18
Jack Compau, USA, WWII E25
Henry Conley, USAF, WWII C14
Robert F Conner, USAF, 1966-70 E11
Joshua A Conner, USAF, 1996-02 E11
Francis W Conner, USAAF, WWII E12
Gerald A Cook, USA, 1953-55 E7
Miles E Cooper, USMC, Afghan B4
Oran E Copeland, USA, KIA WWII A34
Richard M Cortellini, USN, 1971-73/87-95 B12
Wilmar L Cox, USA, WWII A17
William J Craft, USN, WWII A17
Wilmer E Craig, USA, WWII F5
Claude Creswell, USA, Korea E25
Ross Creviston, USN, Korea A3
Dean Creviston, USAF, 1976-96 A4
Robert Creviston, USAF, 1982-89 A5
Jack Cribley Jr, KIA WWII F28
William Crise, USA, WWII E24
Gregory David Criss, USA, Gulf A13
Gailen David Criss Jr, USAF, Vietnam A13
Gailen David Criss Sr, USAF, WWII A12
Charles Cullip, USN, WWII E24
Jack Cunkle, USN, WWII E24
Frederick J Curry, USA, WWII A17
Donald Curry, USA, WWII C15
Alex Czinski, KIA WWII F28
Theodore Dan, USA, WWII E19
Norman Gilbert Darling, USA, Vietnam B15
Robert L Davenport, USMC, Vietnam B9
Douglas E Day, USA, 1969-71 B13
Thomas Denham, USAF, 1954-60 D10
Russell Dennis, USN, WWII E23
Max Denton, USA, KIA WWII F28
Cornelues F Derrick, USN, WWII F22
Joseph D Desbrough, USA, WWII A17
Keith Desermia, USA, WWII E24
Jack DeVee, USN, WWII B17
Kenneth Ross DeVee, USA, WWII A23
Daniel DeVee, USA, WWII E23
Ian Cromwell B Diaz, USAF, Iraq B1
Harry J Dicken, USN, WWII C2
Wm Brian Dicken, USN, Vietnam C3
Ross H Dicken, USN, Vietnam A8
Terry Dickerson, USA, Vietnam A32
John Frank Dindoffer, USA, WWII B5
Walter Dindoffer, USA, 1942-45 B5
Lawrence Doe, USA, WWII E23
Manderville P Dolin Jr, USAF, Korea E10
Edward Domas, USN, WWII E22
John Doran Sr, USAF, Korea A16
Russell Dotson, USN, Gulf F16
Walter A Draper, USA, WWI A16
Erik T Draves, USA, 2011- C4
Thomas P Driscoll, USA, 1956-58 A12
David Ducharme, USMC, 1956-58 E29
John Chandler Dugger III, USA, 1970-72 D9
Justin H Dunmire, USA, WWII C25
Justin Dunn, USAF, Afghan B11
Frank N Dunn, USAF, Korea C3
Linus Dunn, USMC, WWII E23
Thomas Dupuis, USN, Vietnam B1
Paul F Durkee, USA, 1984-95 B21
Neil S Early, USAF, 1961-65 B3
James L Early, USA, 1954-56 E10
Frank J Early, USMC, WWI F22
John (Jack) Early, USA, WWII F23
David Early, USN/USA, WWII/Korea F23
Wiley Paul Early, USA, WWII F23
Donald K Edwards, USN, WWII E1
Donald Edwards, USN, WWII C17
Larry Eglinsdoerfer, USMC, KIA Vietnam A32
Larry R Eicholtz, USA, Vietnam B19
Leon F Eisel, USA, 1957-59 A7
William Andrew Elkins, USA, Korea B30
William A Elkins, USA, Korea A31
Warren Elliott, USA, WWII A6
Colson (Jack) Elliott Jr, USA, WWII B25
Howard B Elmer, USA, POW WWII A5
Paul W Emerson, USA, 1971-76 A13
Bruce E Empson Jr, USAF, 1980-90 F24
James J Engel Sr, USA, WWII B21
Roger L Ernst, USA, Vietnam C33
Robert Etzcorn, USN, WWII E22
Billy F Evans, USA, Vietnam A25
George A Falk, USA, POW WWII B29
Earl G Falk, USA, WWI A2
Leo Falk, USN, WWII C4
Fred D Falk Sr, USN, WWII A1
Harry L Farris, USAF, Korea/Vietnam E13
Michael L Fauser, USA, Vietnam B5
William D Fauser, USAF, Vietnam B5
Clinton E Faust, USA, KIA WWII F29
Santos Feliciano Jr, USA, Afghan D8
Brett F Fennelly, USA, 2009- E14
Kenneth Ferrington, USN, WWII E22
James Ferrington, USA, WWII E22
Edward Fierek, USA, WWII E21
Ryan J Finch, USMC, Iraq C30
Matthew A Finch, USN, 2009- F19
Gregory L Finch, USN, 1981-01 D6
Russell J Finch III, USN, 1983-87 C29
Alison J Flint, USAF, Vietnam F24
Buhl Flowers, USN, Korea B24
Kenneth Ford, USA, WWII E21
Sara K Ford, USAF, Vietnam D7
Joseph Foster Sr, USMC, 1977-80 D17
William C Fouts, USA, 1951-53 C13
Aaron Jason Friese, USA, Iraq/Afghan C30
Matthew M Furtney, USMC, 1994-98 D15
Claude Gaines, USMC, WWII F15
John Gaines, USAF, Korea E21
James H Gardinier, USA, 1960-64 B12
Warren Gardner, USA, WWII F14
Zach H Gauntlett Jr, USAAC, WWII E16
Richard Gehring, USAF, DAV Gulf A4
Vicky Gehring, USN, 1981-83 A4
Corey D Genereaux, USMC, Afghan F17
Tim Gibelyou, USN, 1965-68 B11
Vance Edward Gilson, USA, WWII B9
Franklin L Gilson, USN/USA, WWII/Korea E14
Roger E Glenn, USA, 1938-44 B24
Ira Glover, USA, WWI
Dorse Goble, USMC, Korea F4
Douglas R Goerlitz, USA, 1970-72 C6
Donald L Goerlitz Jr, USA, 1969-72 C6
Donald L Goerlitz Sr, USA, 1943-45 C7
Edward H Gomer, USA, WWII B28
Harold Eugene Gomer, USA, WWII F4
Courtland Q Goodwin, WWI F18
William E Goodwin, USA, WWII F18
William David Gouger Jr, USA, KIA Vietnam E15
James Richard Goupill, USA, WWII C11
Wallace Graham, USA, Korea F15
Virgil LaVerne Gray, USAAF, KIA WWII C18
Larry Gene Gray, USA, KIA Vietnam E7
Robert S Gray, USA, WWII F31
Thomas I Gray, USN, Vietnam D5
Robert Green, USA, WWII B10
Richard A Greenleaf, USAF, 1981-88 D6
Robert C Greenman, USN, WWII F25
Rex Griffith, USN, WWII F15
Ernest J Groom, USA, WWII C25
Edward L Gruezke, USA, KIA WWII A26
Ferdinand Guth, USN, WWII F16
James B Hack, Civil D18
Darryl Robert Hale, USAF, Vietnam C28
James Walter Hale, USN, Vietnam C28
James Warren Hale, USA, Iraq/Afghan C29
Douglas MacArthur Hall, USA, 1967-68 B14
Steven T Hanlon, USA, Gulf/Iraq F33
Jerald Hannum, USA, WWII E16
Max E Harter, USAAF, WWII C19
Robert A Harter, USA, WWII C19
Robert T Hartman MD, USN, Korea C20
Frank V Hartmann, USA, WWII A3
Kenneth L Hartmann, USA, 1968-70 A3
Derek F Hartmann, USAF, Afghan D14
Michael R Hawarney, USN, WWII F26
Thomas Peter Hawkins II, USAF, 1977-87 B10
Dennis Hawks, USA, 1982-96 B11
Donald E Hawks, USA D7
Joseph Hayden, USA, 1958-62 B22
James O Hayden, KIA WWII F29
Ronald H Heath, USA, WWII B6
Thurlow B Heath, USA, WWI C19
Marlie Heath, KIA WWII F29
Donald Clair Heath, USA, WWII D3
Dennis B Heikka, USA, Vietnam E6
Russell S Heldt, USMC, 1943-45 B9
Roy H Heldt, USAF, 1966-70 B23
Ronald A Heldt, USAF, 1988-92 B23
Richard Heldt, USA, 1970-71 C32
James R Helzerman, USA, 1964-70 E14
Alvin H Hildebrandt, USA, WWII/Korea D12
Alan J Hildebrandt, USN, Vietnam D13
Joshua L Hill, USAF, Gulf D8
Leona Hilton, USA, Korea C21
Michael S Himich Sr, USN, WWII C20
Richard Hindbaugh, USA, Vietnam C6
Steve Hitte, USA, Vietnam E17
John Gilbert Hocking, USAAC, WWII B1
Kevin G Holek, USMC, Vietnam F17
John A Holek, USA, WWII E20
Harold H Holmes, USA, WWII C25
Raymond Hoot, USN, 1946-48 E15
Alvin Hoot, USA, WWI C20
Russell Hoskins, USA, 1943-45 E1
Walter Hosler, USA, Vietnam F17
Grace Sanford Hostetler, USA, WWII D8
Nicholas R Hostettler, USA, 1960-62 F33
Marvin E Howard, USA, Vietnam A8
Lenous D Howe, USAF, 1948-52 B14
Kenneth C Huber, USN, 1969-71 D4
Charles J Hurbis, USMC, 1956-59 C33
John J Hurbis, USA, 1956-59 C33
Anthony F Hurbis, USA, 1959-62 C34
Robert L Hurbis, USN, 1962-65 C34
Farris E Hurst, USA, Vietnam E2
Glen E Hurst, USA, WWII B18
Wilford M Ing, USAF, 1950-54 B30
William C Jasper, USA, WWII B6
Geoffrey C Jernigan, USAF, 2003- A9
Kenneth M John, USA, WWII C25
Lowell Johnson, USA, 1957-59 B8
Bob Johnson, USMC, 1981-84 B8
Christopher M Johnson, USMC, Iraq C17
Milo Jurik, USA, WWII F22
Ronald E Kanitz, USMC, WWII A2
Robert R Kanitz, USN, WWII A12
Otis Kanitz, USA, WWII E23
Leslie Kanitz, USAF, Vietnam F16
Thomas Karpensky, USA, WWII E19
Frank J Kartje, USN, Korea C20
Joe Kasarue, USA F14
Peter Katona, USA, WWII C21
Ignatius Katona, USA, WWII C21
Kalman "Kelly" Katona, USA, WWII E29
John Katona, USA, Korea E30
Antal Katona, USN, WWII E14
Mary Katona, USA, Korea E9
John L Keefe, USA, WWII C22
Dean Keeler, USA, WWII A12
Dean R Keeler, USA, WWII/Korea C26
Delbert Keilman, USA, 1954 A11
Arthur C Keller Jr, USN, Korea F27
Ronald Kelsey, USN, WWII F14
Donald Kelsey, USN, WWII E19
George L Kelsey, USA, WWII E21
Carl Kempf, USA, WWII C15
Winfred Kenney, USN, Korea F14
William Kerkes, USN, WWII E20
Steven Kerkes Jr, USA, WWII C27
Michael James King, USN, Afghan A10
Terence R Kirkpatrick Jr, USA, Korea A2
Louis F Knueve, USA, WWII C27
Gustave P. Koczman, USA, WWII B7
Gary Koehler, USMC, KIA Iraq A25
John Kohut, USA, MIA WWII B3
Donald L Kondor, USMC, 1956-60 B26
James Kordupel, USA, WWII A11
James Kordwoel, USA, WWII E20
Jerry Korican, USA, WWII E20
Joseph M Kormos, USA, 1956-58 B7
Joseph Charles Kosarue, USA, Vietnam D17
Stephen Kovacs, USA, WWII E20
Ernest Dixon, USA, WWII E24
Erwin D Koyle, USN, WWII C13
Stanley Kozij, USA, 1942-45 F35
Christopher Grant Kurowicki, USAF, 2006- D16
Ronald Edwin Kuzina, USN, Vietnam D16
Steve Kuzina Jr, USN, 1942-45 D16
Henry Kwiatkowski, USA, WWII B23
Philip James Lambert, USA B7
Lavern Michael Lamey, USA, KIA Vietnam E8
Ralph J Lamey, USA, WWII F32
Roy A Lamey, USAF, 1977-81 F32
William Penfield Landon, Spanish B18
LaVern Young Landon, USA, WWII B18
Earl William Landon, USA, WWII B19
Harold Frederick Landon, USA, WWII B19
Lynn Lavern Laskey, USA, WWI C7
David Lynn Laskey, USA, Korea C1
Edwin M Lathers, USMC, WWII C27
Raymond F Lauff, USA, WWII B8
George H Lauff, USA, 1945-47 E18
John G Lauff, USN, 1951-54 E18
Bernard J Lauff, USN, POW WWII F2
J Dale Lawson, USA, Korea C12
Jim LeBaron, USA, Korea A10
Tracy C LeBaron, USA, WWI C28
Ralph Lefler, USA, WWII D8
Robert Lentz, USA, WWII F14
Gary V Leonard, USA, Vietnam F32
Arnold C Lerback, USA, WWII B27
Dale V Leveille, USMC, Korea C12
Dale A Lewis, USN, 1949-53 C27
Wayne Link, USMC, 1930-33 F13
Wade P Linton, USN, Gulf C33
Donald E Litz, USN, 1968-71 B13
Fritz Victor Litz, USA, Gulf A14
Frank L Livermore, USA, Vietnam B29
Robert E London, USMC, WWII A33
Robert M London, USMC, Vietnam C34
Clifford J Long, USA, WWII A19
Dale Losee, USA, 1956/61-62 A30
Robert Love, USA, Korea F13
Gary Michael Loy, USA, Vietnam B15
Richard Lyons, USN, WWII A10
Richard Mack, KIA WWII F29
Dave MacPherson, USA, Korea D9
Leonard G Magnus, USA, KIA WWII F30
Donald S Maltby, USN, WWII F10
Wilton J Mangus, USN, WWII E12
Harold E Mangus, USA, WWII E12
John M Mangus, USN, WWII E13
Jermiah L Manning, USA, WWII F9
Robert Mapes, USA, Korea F13
David A Martinez, USN, Vietnam C7
Richard A Martinez, USMC C7
Octavio Martinez, USA, 1942-45 E7
Robert Marzola, USMC, WWII F11
John Charles Masten, USN, 1958-61 E17
Steven Mathieu, USA, DAV Iraq D12
Kenneth A May, USA, Korea A26
Andrew Mayher, USA, WWII F11
James H Maynard, USMC, Korea A33
William B McAfee, USA, 1966-69 E13
Edwin McClure, USA, WWII F11
Jeffrey L McCrea, USN/USMC, Vietnam B3
Harry J McCrea, USA, 1941-42 B4
William T McCrea, USA, 1970-71 B4
Rufus McGee, USA, WWII F9
"Pat" McKenna, USN, 1965-69 E12
Scott McLeod, USA, 1969-71 A33
Jason P Colson, USA, Iraq/Afghan C2
Donald S McMullen, USA, WWII A34
Richard E McMullen, USN, WWII/Korea C35
Thomas P McReynolds, USA, WWII F8
Arthur Ivan Meads, USA, WWII A34
John A Meggitt, USAF, 2001-04 F35
Alana M Meggitt, USAF, 2004-10 F35
George Mesko, USN, WWII F12
George Charles Mesko, USN, WWII F25
William T Meyer, USN, WWII F8
Earl Michelsen, USA, WWII F11
Claud M Mick III, USMC, Vietnam C26
Nicholas D Miller, USN, WWI E18
Robert E Miller, USA, WWII F9
Joe Miller, USMC, WWII F12
Donald L Mills, USA, Korea A34
Clyde Mitchell, USA, WWII F12
Robert Mitchell, USA, WWII F27
George Montie, USA, WWII F12
Jimmey F Moomey, USA, 1965-69 C1
E Brian Morey, USA, 1979-83 F19
Albert Morey, USA F3
Eugene Morey Jr, USA, 1979-82 F18
Eugene B Morey Sr, USAAC, Korea C13
Emmett E Murray, USA, WWII A28
Loid E Murray, USA, Korea A35
Myrl A Murray, USN, WWI C10
Luella Mae Murray, USMC, WWII E15
Norman Murray, USN, WWII F12
Allen Murry, USA, WWII F5
Merl Myers, USA, WWII F13
Wilburn Myers, USA, WWII F13
Gerald Myers, KIA WWII F30
Nathan R Myyra, USAF, Afghan B22
James B Nagle, USN, 1968-72 B23
Timothy P Nagle, USA, Vietnam F31
James L Nagle, USAF, Iraq F31
Michael C Naida, USA, WWII B9
Michael Neckel, USA, WWII F34
Kenneth W Neff, USN, WWII A35
Orley S Neff, USA, WWI C24
Gerald T Newman, USA A18
Arliss Nichols, USA, Vietnam D11
Archie Nichols, USN, Vietnam D11
Orville Nichols, USMC, Vietnam D12
Archie W Nichols, USN, DAV Vietnam D17
Theodore D Niga, USA, WWII A35
Paride Remigio Ninotti, USAF, 1942-45 C1
Remigio P Ninotti, USA, WWI D7
Jasper B Norris, USA, WWI E18
Elmer H Norris, USA, WWII F8
Ray M Norris, USAAC, WWII F8
Raymond F Novara, USN, 1966-70 B27
Michael Obsharsky, USMC, WWII C8
Aaron M Ochalek, USN, 2004- D10
Andrew J Ochalek, USMC, 2010- D11
William O'Connell, USA, WWI A19
Harold G Olds, USA, WWII A35
Randal H Olds, USA, 1969-71 C5
Ivan W Olds, USA, WWII C5
Arthur G Opp, USA, WWI E21
Carl John Opp Sr, USA, Korea E2
InoSencio Orvelo, USA, WWII F7
Donald E Otrambo, USA, WWII F7
Charles Outland, USA, KIA Korea D3
Donald Warren Oyer, USN, WWII E19
Tom D Pack, USA, WWII F30
Bernard H Paddock, USMC, WWII C9
Ansyl Frederick Palmer, KIA Civil D14
Casimir Pawlak, USA, WWII C8
Lavon Paxton, USN, Vietnam C8
Gerald G Peevey, USAF, WWII C8
Anthony A Pegouskie, USMC, Iraq F24
Antonio Piaz Perez, USA, Korea A29
John Paiz Perez, USA, WWII C22
Joe P Perez, USA, WWII C22
Alfredo B Perez, USA, Vietnam F2
Juan P Perez, USA, WWII F3
Asa Perry, USA F15
Nyle Pfeiffer, USA, Iraq C29
Ben H Phillips, USA, 1944-45 B13
Millard F Phillips, USMC C5
William John Phillips, USN, WWII C9
Richard Pickens, USA, WWII C35
Clayton A Pickett, USN, 1943-45 B26
Robert Piercy, USMC, KIA Vietnam B24
Daniel A Pinter, USA, WWII D4
Donald E Polzin, USAF, Vietnam D7
Laurence J Polzin Sr, USA, WWII D6
Jesse W Pool, USA, WWII C17
Paul F Postell, USN, WWII F23
Marvin F Pratt, USAF, 1953-57 E17
William Arnold Preston, USN, Korea A28
Carl Pribyl, USA, 1945-46 D14
Charles E Prichard, USN, 1943-46 A9
Theron Puffer, USA, WWI A31
Kenneth Puffer, USN, 1942-43 E2
Emmett J Pullen, USN, 1918-21 E16
Charles W Pullen, Civil A15
Mel Pulsipher, USA, Vietnam F21
Nickolis F Pulver, USAF, Vietnam E3
Larry C Pulver, USA, Vietnam E3
Milton H Purkey, USA, WWI A30
Paul A Putnam, POW WWII F26
Nathan C Putnam, Civil D2
George J Radak, USA, WWII A1
Fred W Radtke, USA, 1959-63 B20
Elmer M Radtke, USA, WWII A33
Winton Michael Ramsey, USAF, 1959-65 C12
Daniel J Rankin Sr, USAF, WWII E3
Edwin Lee Ransom, USN, WWII A9
Dale M Reese, USAF, WWII C3
Rafe Reese, USA, WWII A13
Clyde W Rehberg, USN, WWII C10
Ricky Reid, USAF, 1977-81 B19
Bonnie S Reid, USAF, 1980-89 B20
Leo Renda, USA, WWII F7
George F Richards, USA, WWII B25
James A Rickelmann, USN WWII F1
Tom Riley, USA F24
Jennifer R Roberts, USAF, 1996-04 B29
David L Robinson, USA, WWII F30
Ann Miskerik Rodenberg, USA, WWII C21
Robert D Rolen, USA, 1984-90 B16
James Kenneth Rooks, USA, Vietnam C31
Glenn J Rose, USN, WWII F7
David I Rosen, USA, WWII B25
Gerald Roslin, USMC, 1956-58 E30
Kurt Douglas Ross, USA, Iraq F21
Raymond Denny Royal, USAF, 1965-69 F1
Raymond W Royal, USA, WWII F1
Alexander Ruzinski, USA, 1942-45 B20
Bernard John Rymanowicz, USN, 1939-45 B15
Frank Rymanowicz, USN WWII B17
Shurley Dean Sackett, USA, WWII F31
Ronald O Sackett, USAF, Vietnam D15
William E Sackett, USA, WWII D15
Roger E Sanford, USA, 1948-54 A5
Lee A Sanford, USMC C3
Thurlow E Sanford, USA, WWI C14
Fred Schettenhelm, USA, 1962-64 B6
Alton Schmitt, USA F33
Homer R Schnurstein, USA, WWII E4
David B Schrock, USN, Gulf A14
Ernest O Schrock, USAF, Vietnam A15
David E Schrock, USN, Vietnam A15
Donald J Schrock, USA, Korea A15
Raymond Schrock, USA, 1950-55 A16
Donald Schrock, USA, Korea C23
Robert T Schrock, USA, 1954-57 E17
Lester B Schrock Sr, USAF, Korea A14
Gerald L Schultz, USN, WWII E3
Duane A Schultz, USN, WWII F3
Rick Schulz, USCG, 1974-79 B25
Joseph Schwartzenberger, USN, WWII D3
John Schwartzenberger, USN, 1961-65 D4
Donald Raoul Searfoss, USMC, 1952-59 C11
John Robert Searfoss, USA, WWI C15
Bernard E Seleska, USA, WWII E4
Paul R Sheats, USN, WWII F20
Wendell S Sheehan, USA, WWII E6
Robert Shukait, USMC, WWII F26
Jerry J Simecek, USAAF, WWII C14
Frank L Sinclair, USMC, WWII F20
Arthur B Skiff, USAF, Vietnam A7
Gerald R Skiff, USA, Korea A7
Robert M Skiff, USAF, Iraq A7
Elmer T Slagle, USA, WWII C10
Alton R Slagle, USN, Vietnam C32
John H Slagle, USN, Vietnam F25
Edward Smetka, USA, KIA WWII E7
Phelix D Smiatowicz, USN, Vietnam C4
Dan L Smith, USA, 1959-62 B2
Merwin G Smith, USA, WWII B21
Hal C Floyd Smith, USCG, WWII B22
Russell Van Smith, USN, WWII B22
Richard C Smith, USAF, 1942-59 B24
Randell Scott Smith, USAF B27
Merle E Smith, USCG, WWII B29
Tommie J Smith, USA, 1958-62 C30
John A Smith, USN, WWII C10
Vernon J Smith, USA, WWII C11
Joseph E Smith, USMC, Vietnam C14
John Howard Smith, USA, Vietnam C15
Harold W Smith, USAAC, WWII C18
Denias Smith, Civil A9
Willard H Smith, USA, 1923-41 F9
Delmar D Smith, USA, 1955-57 D13
John Joseph Smith, USN, Vietnam D9
Andrew R Soltis, UMSC, 1931-38 C9
Gary F Spaulding, USA, 1982-86 E9
James F Spaulding Jr, USA, Gulf/Iraq E9
William A Spencer, USN, WWII E4
George Sperlbaum, USN, 1965-66 A6
Herman L Spicer, USN, WWI C17
Jim Sponaugle, USA F16
Ransom E Squires, USN, WWII C16
Arthur Newton Squires Sr, USN, WWII B11
Gary Staelgraeve, USA, 1966-67 E11
Frank G Stanton, USN, WWII E6
Audrey Staulter, USA, WWII F15
Don Staulter, USN, WWII F16
Wesley Samuel Steiner, USA, WWII F10
Ken Steiner, USA, 1968-89 D11
Leo J Steinman, USN, 1943-46 E6
Elmer Steinman, USN, WWII A27
Roger C Stevens, USA, WWII A16
Lester H Stevenson, USN, WWII F10
Otis Ray Stoops, USA, WWI A21
Bryan L Stowell, USMC, 2005-10 B4
Norman M Stowell, USN, 1959-62 A8
Louis A Stralnic, USA, WWII F10
Calvin G Sweet, USA, Korea C23
Vernon B Sweet, USA, POW WWII D10
Clayton H Symons, USN, WWII E5
Robert E Szabo, USA, WWII C22
Robert Szentmiklosi, USMC, 1954-57 F17
Wesley G Taylor, USN, WWII A31
Gregory C Tellas, USAF, Vietnam F21
Richard Louis Tetens, USA, Korea E5
Winfred L Thacker, USAF D5
Ray A Tishma, USA, Korea A14
Joseph Jacob Tittiger, USA, WWII A8
Joseph F Tomecek, USN, 1944-45 E11
Clark B Towler, USAAF, WWII F27
Lawrence Trammell, USA, WWII C16
Jack C Trebilcox, USA, WWII E5
John Jacob Tschirhart, USAAC, WWII E5
Maurice A Tuckey, USA, WWII D5
Dale G Tuckey, USA, Vietnam D6
Andrew J Turner, USN,, WWI C23
Michael E Van Wasshnova, USA, Vietnam B8
Elton Van Wasshnova, USN, WWII B16
William A Van Wasshnova, USA, 1974-78 B16
Dr. Verne L VanDuzen, USA, WWI D18
Duain S VanSchoick, USN, 1958-70 B7
Charles Vas, USA, 1943-44 B13
Dr. Robert Venrose, USA, WWII D18
Leslie W Viets, USA, Vietnam B2
Robert L Viets Sr, USAAF, WWII B2
Robert L Viets Jr, USA, Vietnam B2
Robert P Wachowicz, USA, Gulf F21
Christine J Wachowicz, USA, Gulf F22
Fred Reitzel Walker, USA, Korea D18
Harold K Wanty, USN/USAF, WWII/Korea A29
Richard A Wanty, USN, WWII C23
Clayton Wanty, WWI D1
Jimmie Sherrell Warren, USA, KIA Vietnam E8
Russell J Warsaw, USMC, WWII F26
Edward Watkins, USAF, WWII F18
Anthony Weber, USA, 1982-85 F19
Kenneth C Wells, USN, WWII C24
Kirsten E Hackbarth Western, USAF B28
John J Western III, USAF B28
John J Western IV, USAF, Afghan B28
Reuben A Westfall, USA, WWII C24
Christopher F Wetzler, USA, Vietnam C32
Fredrick John White, USN, WWII A26
Fredric G White, USN, 1955-57 A27
Phillip B White, USA, 1959-61 A27
William H White Jr, USN, Gulf A27
Harry H Wiley Jr, USN, WWII D12
Dewey A Willard, USA, 1962-65 D15
Bernard G Wilson, USAF,1967-71 F19
Edward W Wollmann, USA, 1964-70 B12
Charles F Woolcott, USMC, WWII C24
Ralph "Ty" Woolcott, USMC, WWI E8
Franklin E Young, USMC, Vietnam A6
Fred N Zola, USA, Vietnam B17
Melvin R Zornow, USA, Korea B10
Erika Zurawski, USA, 1991-95 C30


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