City of Milan



City of Milan FY 2018 Adopted Budget

Milan Citizens Guide to Finances

Milan Performance Dashboard

Milan Debt Service Report

Milan Projected Budget Report

Michigan Rural Council Community Assessment Report

Michigan Rural Council Downtown Assessment Community Feedback Report

Mooreville Sewer Press Release

Milan Title VI Non-Discrimination Plan

City of Milan Employee Benefit Plan

City of Milan Consolidation Report

CRA Abatement Policy

City Ordinances

City Master Plan

DRAFT Development & TIF Plan

City Fee Schedule

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Office of City Administrator

City Hall

The City Administrator serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and is appointed by the Mayor. The City Administrator is responsible for overseeing all activities & services provided by the City, and for the development and implementation of the annual budget as approved by City Council. Additionally the City Administrator is responsible for conducting research, drafting reports, and making recommendations on public policy for City Council.

City Administrator
Jade Smith

City Administrator Jade Smith


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